The Cetinska Krajina region is situated in the embrace of Svilaja, Dinara, Kamešnica and Mosor mountains. The river Cetina with its tributaries Ruda, Rumina, Sutina, Grab, Vojskova and other, breathes life into the soil and the karst of the Dalmatian Hinterland.

Thanks to the river and the fertile fields, as well as the Mediterranean climate, in this region humans and nature permeate from the ancient history to this day forming the collective identity of the inhabitants of the Cetinska Krajina region.

The permanent display of the Museum of the Cetinska Krajina Region – Sinj shows the interdependence and synergy of the landscape and the community that inhabits it.

The exhibition is divided into several thematic sections in which the segments of human reality are systematically processed: the landscape in which a man lives, his influence on the landscape in the form of progressive continuity of the moulding of the living space and, contrary to the progress, the destructive social phenomenon of war; social activities aimed at exploiting natural resources for the purpose of survival of ethnos and the formation of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Cetinska Krajina region.

The protected cultural goods of The Republic of Croatia: Old Men of Kamešnica, Pottery from Potravlje village and the Silent Circle dance, are presented at the Museum of Cetinska Krajina Region – Sinj.

Did you know that food preparation under the baking bell (peka) dates back from the Illyrian Delmats?
The tradition lives on in the Cetinska Krajina region, and here one can taste various specialties prepared in this way, from meat to bread.
Did you know that the Croatian autochthonous clay pipe is made in the village of Zelovo
The story of its production is told by Ivan Delaš, the last master pipe-maker.
The mysterious world of Slavic mythology in the Cetinska Krajina region.
With the Old Men, let’s meet the springtime...
The Silent Circle, energy that takes over.
The Silent Circle is a kind of dance performed without any accompanying music. The strong stamping of the feet on the floor assumes the role of music and that is how the rhythm is produced.


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Due to the building renovation and the installation of the new display, the museum is temporarily closed for the visitors.

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